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About us

   MIS LT is a company specializing in the production of Christmas toys. We offer a diverse range of decorations for Christmas trees, including balls, chains, and ornaments made from fabric, wood, and other various materials. Renowned for our commitment to high-quality products, creative design, and innovative production approaches, MIS LT stands as a beacon of festive excellence.

Utilizing modern technologies and materials, we create vibrant and durable toys that serve as splendid additions to any Christmas collection. The company also provides the option for individual orders upon client request, allowing you to create unique customized decorations for any holiday occasion.

With extensive experience in Christmas toys production, MIS LT warmly welcomes collaborations with new customers. Our products enjoy popularity in both the domestic market and in exports, which is an indicator of the high trust placed in our brand.

Explore the enchanting world of MIS LT, where each Christmas creation is a blend of quality, creativity, and innovation, adding a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations.

The owner of the MIS LT site is Anatolii Ivanovich Mykhavchuk FLP